28th October 2021

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The Sokol Run of the Republic supports charity

The Sokol Run of the Republic is not only about running and celebrating the foundation of our Republic, but also about helping others. In 2020, with the support of all of you, we helped our brother Jaroslav Šenko, whose house was destroyed by a natural disaster in the Olomouc region. Not including the race fee, the runners contributed CZK 22,800, the sum was then rounded to the final amount of CZK 30,000 by the SRR organizers.

Since the registration for the next edition of the race, which will take place on October 28, 2021 in more than 50 places not only in the Czech Republic, is already in full swing, we decided together with the organizers of the run to support young Sokol member Adam.


Adam’s story

Fulfilling your dreams and living with as few limits as possible is the wish of the fourteen-year-old Adam, a promising Sokol member who has cerebral palsy. The family would hi to go on a rehabilitation stay which would include all the necessary treatments. Every year it costs tens of thousands which the family can’t afford. Now the organizers of the Sokol Run of the Republic (SRR) and the runners as well will help the family.


“The SRR is based on the idea of ​​celebrating the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic and the idea is spreading through the Sokol unions throughout the country. It brings together people who are interested in sport, patriotism and kindness, which are the values ​​that Sokol upholds. This was clearly shown last year. For this year we decided to find a story that deserves the support of our runners. Doing something for yourself, celebrating the foundation of your homeland and also helping those in need is a great opportunity!” says Marek Tesař, the initiator of SRR. The main organizer of the race, Martin Duka from the Sokol Čertovka Sports Union, adds: “When we learned about Adam’s story, we were sure: this is a boy who deserves our full support and financial help.”


Adam is a passionate athlete and not even a serious handicap prevents him from being one. After birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. However, he and his brave mother Hanka are coping well with his disability. An active lifestyle also contributes to his progress.


“I would like to do even more, unfortunately this disability does not allow me to move as much as I would like. I have problems walking, my handicap is mainly on my lower limbs – it’s called spastic diplegia. The way I walk is very cumbersome, but my movement is made easier by riding a special tricycle,” says Adam touchingly.


In addition to cycling he tries to move as much as he can. He likes to swim because the water supports his body and he feels freer in it. “Every year I go to the sea for a rehab stay for three weeks. I have been an active member of the Jablonec Sokol since I was three years old. I liked going to lessons where I had a lot of fun. Over time, I started to enjoy table tennis and I went to train at our Sokol gym every week,” he adds.


However, all these activities cost a lot of money. The Sokol Run of the Republic will now help the family to pay them - each of the runners can help Adam with a financial sum on top of their registration. The organizers and runners helped their brother Šenk last year in a similar way when the devastating flood destroyed his house.


And how does Adam himself feel about his disability since he’s otherwise very communicative? “I also try to devote myself to sports even by passive participation. I mostly support hockey, specifically the Liberec White Tigers. I also go to football and my friends and I train boccia – a sport similar to like petanque for people with disabilities. My mother is a physiotherapist, so she bought me a bike at home. I’ve recently started fishing, I’m really hooked. Overall, I like it when things are happening around me. Now I’m waiting for leg surgery, which should help me a little again. I’m a member of Sokol and I won’t give up!”


This is how Adam himself sees his story. Together with The Sokol Run of the Republic we have therefore decided to make life easier for him and his mother and contribute funding for his expensive rehabilitation stay, which he certainly deserves after his leg surgery. In addition, we will prepare a surprise for him before the run, which he will definitely appreciate as a true athlete and sports fan. Let us surprise you too!


We would like to raise CZK 40,000 for Adam’s rehabilitation stay. Anyone who registers for the Sokol Run of the Republic 2021 can contribute. Directly in the registration form, each participant can choose how much they want to contribute (CZK 50, CZK 100, CZK 150 or CZK 200). The entire amount thus collected will then be used as a contribution to Adam’s rehabilitation stay.


Thanks everyone who joins the collection!


Currently (27th October 2021) we managed to collect this year:

70 950 CZK

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